What do you do when you get one of those fantastic ideas like I had this week that you just KNOW will make you a million bucks ? If you’re like me, you probably start picking it apart almost immediately. “I could never take on a project that big.” “Where would I get the money to launch that?” “After thinking about it, I don’t think anyone would buy such a stupid product.” I’ve said all of those things I’m sure a hundred times over the years.

But what if instead of dismissing it off hand, I was to look at it as a gift from my subconscious or “subby” as we call it in the MKMMA, that has been dropped in my lap to fulfill my DMP? I decided to go that route this time.

This new idea is in a field I know something about, but I have no experience programming the website I’ll need, raising the funding, or putting together the network of professionals that will use it. But there’s no need to worry according to Og Mandino who tells me that “Nature already has supplied me with (the) knowledge and instinct” I’ll need to succeed. And as Napoleon Hill instructs in Think And Grow Rich I am to create a definite plan and begin at once to carry it out, even though I’m not ready to put it into action.” So that’s what I did.

What’s the next step? I think this is where faith comes in. If I trust what the Blueprint Builder says, “I’ll succeed by attracting to myself the forces I wish to use and the cooperation of other people”. All I have to do is persistently hold the desire in my mind and it will eventually reproduce itself into physical reality.

Summing it all up…

This week I clarified my DMP a little more, although it’s not in it’s final version yet. Subby gave me an idea that I can be passionate about, that could potentially benefit thousands of people and will, I think, bring me everything I desire. I came up with an initial plan and set it in motion. Not bad for only two weeks in.


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